The S'More Farm
The S'More Farm has many breeds of quality animals and some are available for sale. For cattle we have Murray Grey. They are excellent cattle for breeding, showing, eating and as pets. We also have some dairy mixes. The mixes include Line-back, Jersey, Brown Swiss and mainly Holstein.  We use them primarily for milk. We also raise quality pigeons. The pigeons we raise have many unique colors and aren't very common. We have homers which will almost always fly back to their coop. We also have a coop of Birmingham Rollers. They do somersaults in the air and colors range from a light tan to a white pigeon with a black tail. We also have a few other breeds such as Fantails, Archangels and Capuchines which have gone to the State Fair in Syracuse. We also have cats, hogs, goats, chickens, rabbits and a miniature donkey. Inside we have cats, geckos, a dog and a bird. We are a small farm with big hopes!